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For many parents, the hardest part about entering the world of Autism is knowing what to do. Despite an overload of information, it’s hard to find clear-cut directions for next steps or even an opening that doesn’t require a several-month wait.

That’s why we’re here.

At Learning Tree, we are available now to help you with everything you need - including a diagnosis. We are a provider that specializes in assessments, diagnoses, and the design of educational and/or treatment plans. Parents also rely on us for consultation, education, and guidance. With our help, you don’t have to navigate this challenging new world by yourself.

It begins with our assessments

Autism Screening and Diagnosis

The path to helping a child on the Autism spectrum begins with a diagnosis. This allows access to resources, supports, interventions, therapies, instruction, and a variety of other services. We offer comprehensive Autism screenings that identify the child’s strengths and challenges, and a diagnosis that determines their eligibility for in-school support, special education services, and state- and federal-funded assistance.
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Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments focus on how a student learns: intelligence, cognitive ability, memory, behavior, and emotional aptitude. These assessments allow us to identify areas where a child might be struggling and create an education plan that meets their needs.

OT Assessments

Occupational therapy assessments determine a child’s ability to complete everyday motor and processing tasks, as these affect their ability to function both in school and out in the world. The results help us determine whether there are necessary environmental setups, social supports, assistive devices, or instructional tools that help the child learn better.

Behavioral Assessments

A behavioral assessment demonstrates how a person works, interacts, and achieves their goals. While certain learned behaviors might achieve the desired result, there might be others that will be more effective. We use this information to create a comprehensive behavior plan.

Speech Assessments

Speech assessments evaluate and diagnose problems of speaking, swallowing, comprehension, and writing. They also find issues in receptive language (how much a child understands), expressive language (how much he/she can say), articulation (how sounds are pronounced), and social communication/play (interaction and engagement).

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments evaluate a child’s behavior, character, strengths, emotional reactivity, and cognition to determine how the child operates – and, in turn, how they learn. With this information, we can create an educational/treatment plan that will work for them.

Academic Assessments

Academic assessments measure students’ academic abilities in all subject areas, including reading fluency, comprehension, and math. This information helps us determine and track the child’s progress and implement a plan to help them progress toward educational goals.

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