This may be just the start of your family’s Autism journey. Or perhaps you have been on the path for a while. Either way, finding the next steps can be overwhelming, especially when you may need additional family-like support to help you navigate your next steps and the bigger picture.
That’s why we’re here.
At Learning Tree, we support families as they begin (or continue on) the journey of educating their children on the Autism spectrum. Our comprehensive range of services guide parents and children toward the resources they need, and the people who can help.

Here’s how

Screening and Diagnosis for ASD

This is where our program begins. With an examination of your child’s developmental history and behavior, we will be equipped to make a formal diagnosis. To learn more, visit our Assessments page.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is considered the most effective therapeutic technique to educate children on the Autism spectrum. This evidence-based approach focuses on learning and behavior with the goal of improving communication, academics, social skills, motor abilities, play skills, and others. Due to the unique nature of each child, there are a number of approaches within ABA. Our team includes some of the top ABA therapists in the field who tailor their services to the needs of each child.

Social Skills Groups

Learning to interact with others is a vital skill that serves children their entire lives. Our social skills groups provide a natural environment in which children of all ages can learn to play, communicate, and socialize with peers through the framework of ABA, helping each child develop their skills and find their place in a community.

School- and Home-based
Educational Services

Education does not only take place in the classroom. Wherever your child learns, we are available to provide high-level instruction in all content areas.

High-Dosage Tutoring

High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT) is a flexible, research-based approach to teaching that is tailored to your child and his/her pace. Usually taking place in one-on-one settings or small groups, HDT reinforces skills, then builds on them to help the student progress.

Educational/Psychological Evaluations

Our therapists and psycho-educational professionals specialize in the assessment of a wide variety of learning disabilities, behavior challenges, and other concerns. After our evaluation, we provide a diagnosis and create a thorough treatment and educational plan. To learn more, visit our Assessments Page.

Professional Education Development

Helping students on the Autism spectrum become successful is a team effort that includes providers, educators, administrators, and support staff. We offer professional development services to teachers and other staff members to build knowledge and skills in Autism education and best inclusion practices.

Paraprofessionals (ABA)

When an IEP requires an extra support professional, we offer staffing of highly skilled, trained paraprofessionals to assist in the classroom and other settings.

Parental Support

Consultations are available to parents who need support and guidance in implementing the appropriate practices for their child. We also provide counseling services for additional needs.

Parent Training

As part of our ABA services, we offer parent training to ensure consistency at home and school. By working together, we create an environment best conducive to your child’s learning. We also provide you with guidance and support to help you navigate the various resources available, and empower you to make educated decisions for your child.

We're Here for You and Your Child.

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