Dr. Mordechai Salfer, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Rabbi Dr. Salfer is a licensed clinical psychologist in Florida, New Jersey and New York and holds two doctorates, one of which is in clinical psychology, and the second is in the area of education.

Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Salfer, PhD. is a clinical psychologist. He is also the executive director of Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, (Ohio, NJ, FL) which has helped thousands of learning challenged children of all races and backgrounds. He is the principal of the Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, a private school.

Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy Helping Hearts Program has contracts with more than three dozen Boards of Education in Ohio to provide education to underprivileged at-risk children. He served as the co-director for University Hospitals in their adolescent addiction and dependency counseling program and conducted a yearlong inpatient hospital research study on ADHD and PTSD. His psychological research studies with young adults in the areas of assessment and personality are referred to by professionals worldwide.

He is consulted regularly and speaks on how to deal with various student types and the development of educational, motivational, and behavioral programs for a broad range of student ages, levels, and personality types. His research with the MMPI-2 and religious populations is referred to by professionals worldwide.

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